donderdag 1 november 2012

EXTRACT/INSERT "Where virtual and real worlds collide"



In this special installation people from the exhibition can see you as an avatar standing next to them.
They can communicate with you through voice technology
It is an amazing experience to communicate from a virtual world platform with people that are just passing by.
Especially this last week there were a lot of children as they went to see a Dinosaur exhibition in the same place and it is lovely to see how they react to all these weird avatars and asking questions.
We do notice that some of the adult public is a bit stunned by this phenomenon.

It is a good way to show what you can do with a virtual world. With this interaction it becomes more alive. People get more aware and interested in virtual worlds.

If you like to visit the real exhibition go for information to Herbert Art Gallery & Museum in Coventry 
and in Second Life to LEA 24

Be aware that this is an event that involves minors.

zaterdag 20 oktober 2012

Early Bird Tickets extended to 1th november 2012

We extended the Early Bird tickets due to Reallife promotion that is happening now.

You can get an Early Bird ticket now still for 85, -- euro for two days event and workshop entry inclusive lunch.

Do not forget to mail which workshop you like to attend. You can mail your request to workshop (@)

You can find the workshops in the program and in the registration form

maandag 1 oktober 2012

MetaMeets in the making

MetaMeets 2012 is up and running. Only a few little details need to come in place as we thought of a new topic for the Friday afternoon after seeing the movie “The Singularity is Near”.(2010)
It has been an interesting road to organize MetaMeets 2012. We most realize that user created virtual worlds is still not adopted by the masses especially after the hype of 2007.
But we never gave up developing in all areas.
Still it was hard to find new topics not because of lack of it but so many topics still not covered.
Plus we want to interact with the participants and also give workshops to share and learn.
Especially as Mesh was introduced for content creation.
Still it was hard to think of a right direction. Till around March / April Cloudparty was added to the list of user created virtual worlds. From that moment in my point of view there is a circle and topics were born.
To have a web based user created virtual world you can create your 3D object on a user created virtual world show it to the mass with just one click, get feedback from around the world and give it the ability to print it out in 3D.
With that idea The Art of Creation: Virtuality meets Reality existed as theme for this year MetaMeets.
But not only about content creations but also about connecting with reality and document it as in machinima’s.
And we always try to go beyond. 3D internet, User created virtual worlds proved after many years still to be useful in the global usage of the internet.
With the widespread approach we hope you will enjoy another MetaMeets.

example from the artist Patrick Moya